• Registrations: - Formation of Companies ( Private & Public), DIN/DSC Registration, Partnership, Society, Service Tax, Value Added Tax, EPF, ESI, PT, Shop Act, Factory Act & Labor Law, etc under relevant Act.

• Taxations: - Income Tax, Service Tax, Value Added Tax.

• Finalization of Financial Statements & Tax Audit.

• Statutory Compliance

• MIS Reports, Computerizing Accounting / Billing / Loans and Advances (PL/BL/Term / Equipments etc)

• Insurance (All Kind of Insurance)

• Project Finance – Equity and Debt

• Complete ERP / Societies Billing & SAP packages on ASP Modules.

• Advisory Services & Opening of DEMAT A/c

• Module Based ERP Solutions

• Logo Registration & Trademark

• Designing Services
Our Specializations
• Capital Raising: Arrange and introduce equity and debt capital to finance growth plans or to fund a management buyout (MBO).

• Acquisitions and Mergers: Assist clients achieve growth objectives through acquisitions or mergers.

• Selling Businesses: Assist clients maximize proceeds from selling a business or a division.

• Restructurings and Turnarounds: Advise on business restructurings and turnarounds.

• Business Ownership and Succession Issues: Provide capital and advice on business ownership issues including succession issues.

• ST Enterprise also has experience in providing access to capital in situations which other financiers find difficult.

• We can structure flexible fee arrangements that align our interests with those of our clients. For example, fees could be weighted to a success event and we’re willing to consider taking equity as part of a success fee.

• Financial Services: We are skilled in providing Venture Capital, SME Loans, SSI Registration, NSCI Registrations, etc
Business Associates
      D S Associates - Company Secretaries
      A.F. Khasgiwala & Company - Chartered Accountants
      Intellisys – Enterprise Resource Planning & Designing Services

                          A.K. Kudale - Labour Consultants
                          Desai Saksena & Co. - Chartered Accountants
                          Intellisys – Logo Registration & Trademark
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